INTUITION-Use Your Inner Guidance to Awaken, Grow Yourself and Your Life
Awaken Inner Guidance 90 Day Group Coaching Program


  • Have you ever felt confused about your purpose in life?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your soul or who you really are?
  • Do your negative thoughts keep you from enjoying each day?
  • Do you compare yourself to others and feel you're not enough?
  • Does it feel like your life is stuck and you want to get unstuck?
  • Are you putting your happiness on hold until some day in the future?

This Life Changing 90 Day Group Coaching Program Will Give You the Tools and Wisdom to Discover who you are and reconnect with your Divine Self.

  • Let go of your past hurts and regrets.
  • Free yourself from fear and worry.
  • Create a positive and peaceful mindset.
  • Manifest your desires with help from the Universe.
  • Love yourself and build your confidence.
  • Create a life that makes you jump out of bed.


Through coaching 100s of clients and my life transformation, I've discovered what works. I've broken it down into a simple step-by-step system which contains my best tools and secrets to creating the life and happiness you dream about. Past students have seen results in just a few weeks!

You are worthy of this. Let's take this journey together.

After my consultation, I was convinced that what she shared came from the Divine.I have been working with Dr. Ida Greene for a while now. After shutting off my intuition years ago, I felt as if I had lost my gifts for ever. But, within the first week of working with Dr. Ida, I had regained most of what I had lost. The work I have done with Dr. Ida allows me to work on a much deeper levels with my clients and even guides me in finding new clients.  I am learning to trust my Intuition as a tool in all areas of my business. I am truly grateful for her insight and guidance and I plan on continuing to deepen my learnings with her in the future.

- Becky Hess

What You Will Learn?


Inner Spirit, Divine Self & Personal Power

Why Develop and Grow Your Intuition? Our Intuition is the elixir that flows through every cell in our body. There is a sleeping giant within us, and our intuition awakens us to it. Our Intuition is a part of our Divine Self, our High Self, is perfect, all wise, all loving, all knowing, without fault or judgment, fearless, abundant, and prosperous. It knows nothing about the disease, problems, self-doubt, confusion or conflict.


We all have intuition; it is given to us by God/Source. However, we have to activate this divine energy for its divine energetic, loving rays to radiate from our body out into the world. I want to create a more peaceful loving world, and this is one way to do it. I feel it is important for us all to how to live from our Divine Intuitive Self.


Please share with anyone you feel has an open mind, and is open to learning more about their spiritual life, body, and world. Say and Affirm for Yourself: I am committed to letting God use me to become more of who I am, the impact I have on those who interact with me, and I will use my intuition compassionately and lovingly to benefit myself and all humanity. Anyone, you know friends, family and others can take the Intuition Magic Quiz to see if their intuition is alive or dead. Send them this link to take the Intuition Quiz Go to: www.


Activate Your Intuition

  • Find out who you REALLY are. Expect many aha! moments.
  • Discover how to connect with the powerful, perfect, wise part of you.
  • Learn how to connect with your inner spirit and Higher Self.


Connect With Your Inner Spirit

Discover how your beliefs and thoughts can block your Self-Awareness
How to Calm the Mind, and Body - Discussion and Exercise

  • Become a master of inspired action and achieve more with less effort.
  • You are a miracle magnet. Learn the surprising way to turn your switch on.


How to Focus and Concentrate

How to Focus and Concentrate; How to Read the energy of others in your environment. Begin to notice how others walk, talk and act in your presence

  • Find out the secrets to harnessing your personal power.
  • Discover how your beliefs and thoughts can block your dreams.


Connect With Your Soul Purpose

How to Meditate and Go Deeper Into the Silence

  • Your fail-safe plan for moving forward without knowing all the “hows”.
  • Co-creating with the Universe. Everything you ever wanted to know.
  • Discover how to listen to your intuition for answers and guidance.


Your Aura and Energy Field

How to See Your Aura and Read the Energy Field of Others

  • Your complete life and environment introspection
  • The Be Do Have paradigm. Become exactly who you want to be. Starting now.

Don't just take my word for it...

Your Investment $497 Deposit and $597 Monthly. Join the "Awaken Intuition Program Today- Limited Time for Only $497 Monthly

Plus, Receive My Bonus: You will be able to read the energy field of Dr. Ida upon completion of the course.

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