Meet Dr. Ida Greene

Bio: Luminary Speakers
Conscious and Transformational Speakers

Dr. Ida Channels messages from God. She works with women who lack self-love and boundaries and she  connect them to their Divine Self by developing their intuition and self-love so that they can have the freedom to be themselves to live life on their own terms and have unshakeable inner confidence in asking for and getting their needs met in all areas of their life.

Before Coaching with me, my clients were into worry, self- doubt, inability to set and keep boundaries with others, putting the needs and welfare of others before their needs, allowing others to disrespect them and their boundaries, feeling they had to beg someone to be with them. They were afraid to be alone and afraid of what others would say if they were alone. They had self-critical thought, felt unlovable and unloved and did not know how to get their needs met for love and intimacy.

After Coaching with me you will have increased self-love, self-appreciation, self-worth and have the self-confidence to take back your power, have the freedom to decide what is in your best interest and have the freedom to walk away from people and situations that are not in your best interest. You will have increased self-respect and set boundaries for yourself that serve you. You will be able to ask for and get your needs met by the people who are in your life. You will learn how to not depend on man-kind and society for you to be empowered. You will stop looking outside yourself for approval, guidance or direction but look to Source/God.

Dr. Ida is a Motivational Speaker; licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist; ordained Minister; Registered Nurse; Spiritual Coach; Author of 23 books; Sales Trainer and Educator. She is a Reiki Energy Balancing Practitioner, EFT Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, and founder of Center of, whose mission is to send an African American male to college instead of prison.